Ban Ki-moon tool of Security Council


Former UN assistant Secretary-General and former UN chief weapons inspector say that the UN chief is an instrument of the Security Council.


Former assistant secretary-general Denis Halliday and former UN chief weapons inspector Scott Ritter in an exclusive interview with Press TV on Friday morning Tehran time said that the UN Secretary-general Ban Ki-moon has become an instrument of the Security Council in Iran's nuclear case.


Halliday said that Ban Ki-moon has been corrupted by the Security Council and is undermining his credibility. He said that instead of asking Iran to halt enrichment, he should have addressed the dangers Iran is facing in the region.


"Iran is currently surrounded by the US in Afghanistan and Iraq. Iran is threatened by nuclear weapons by Bush and Ms. Rice. Iranians are threatened by Israel that is said to have 300-400 nuclear warheads."


He stated that Iran has every justification to be worried.


The former UN assistant secretary-general emphasized that he personally believes and accepts the Iranian position on its right to obtain nuclear energy.


"I personally accept the Iranian position that this is peaceful pursuit of fuel for electric power."