China dismisses spy report on Iran


Chinese Foreign Ministry has denied a report claiming her country has passed some information on Iranian nuclear program to the IAEA.


"The report is made of nothing and fabricated and born out of clandestine motives," Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said on Thursday when asked by a journalist to respond to a report saying China has given some information on Iranian nuclear plan to the International Atomic Energy Agency.


She said, "We strongly deny the report."


China has always supported a peaceful solution to the Iranian nuclear issue through diplomatic talks, she noted.


The Associated Press published a report Wednesday saying China provided the IAEA with intelligence linked to Iran's alleged attempts to make nuclear arms.


"The Chinese government's position on the Iranian nuclear issue had always been reliable," Jiang said, adding China believes that all parties should fully put forth creativity and show flexibility to find a way out that is helpful to a comprehensive and long-lasting solution to the issue.


China would continue to make constructive efforts in this regard, Jiang said.


China has constantly been against cruel UN Security Council sanctions against Iran and has always diluted a US-led push to impose harsh penalties on Tehran.