Israel: ElBaradei, an Iranian agent


An Israeli minister says UN nuclear watchdog chief Mohamed ElBaradei should be relieved from duty, as he is 'an acting agent for Iran'.


In an interview with Israel's Channel One television, housing minister Ze'ev Boim called on the international community to push for the IAEA chief's dismissal.


Boim said ElBaradei is serving 'the interests of Iran' by allowing the country to continue its nuclear enrichment program without international intervention.


"When you examine his behavior you cannot but reach the conclusion that he is a sort of planted agent ... who has served well the interests of Iran," he added.


"ElBaradei's decisions have many times been taken in coordination with the Iranians, which has made it impossible to create a strong coalition which could stop Iran's uranium enrichment program," Boim said.


The International Atomic Energy Agency has dismissed Israeli accusations of being pro-Iranian. ElBaradei has on numerous occasions urged the Iranian government to expand its nuclear cooperation with the agency to resolve a four-year dispute.


Israel and its number one ally, Washington, have long accused Tehran of pursuing nuclear weaponry.


Iran maintains that as a signatory to the Non-Proliferation Treaty it is entitled to enriching uranium, which will provide fuel for the country's under-construction nuclear power plants.