Argentina rejects Iran summons


Argentina has rejected a summons by Iran calling on five Argentines to appear in court in connection with a 1994 Buenos Aires bombing case.


Iran sent summons on Tuesday, in which former judge Juan Jose Galeano, former minister Carlos Corach, former prosecutors Jose Barbaccia and Eamon Mullen and former leader of an Israelite association Roben Bracha are accused of actions against the security of the Islamic republic.


They have been charged with forging documents and collaborating with terrorist groups to lodge a file against Iran, Iranian officials said on Tuesday.


Argentina rejected the Iranian request, saying it does not meet the "necessary requirements", and asserted that Argentina's government sees the request as a political reprisal for the arrest warrants issued against Iranian officials over the case.


Last November special prosecutor Alberto Nisman accused seven Iranian officials of masterminding the 1994 bombing of a Jewish center in Buenos Aires. Nisman sent an arrest warrants to Interpol, but with no evidence against some of the high-ranking officials, Interpol removed them from the extradition list.


Judge Juan Jose Galeano who was in charge of the investigating into the case, was sacked after being found guilty of paying 400,000 dollars in bribery to a witness in order to perjure against Iran in the court.


Press TV's correspondent Maria Arce reported that none of the argentine officials was willing to give a statement on the Iranian request.