Iran and Beyond: Total War is Still on the Horizon

by Glen Ford / July 14th, 2007

The mindset that launched the invasion of Iraq remains embedded in the
mentality of the ruling circles of the United States - and compels them to
lash out at Iran. Actually, Iran was supposed to have been vanquished,
already, rolled up in the euphoria of America-Love that the delusional
architects of the Iraq operation imagined existed among the people of the
Middle East and the rest of the world. It didn't turn out that way, because
it could not. Americans are not loved, because they are not lovable. They
kill, big time.

More than half a million deaths later, the same Americans imagine that they
can resurrect the cemetery they have created, and make the corpses march
under the Red, White, and Blue banner. But that is not possible. There are
millions of grieving family members who know who the murderers are: the
Americans. These sins will never be forgiven, and they are wounds to the
entire Arab family. That's a lot of folks.

"Americans are not loved, because they are not lovable."

When the Bush regime told the generals to cross the Kuwaiti border, and
introduced the world to hi-tech "Shock and Awe," they fully expected that
the dominoes would fall in Tehran, Damascus and throughout the
Arab/Persian/Turkik world. Such was their hubris, and their ignorance. They
have not gotten any smarter, in defeat. They still savor taking Tehran, the
capital of Iran, and are ramping up for an attack on that nation.

The Bush gang's game plan remains the same: to somehow move beyond Iraq into
Iran and Central Asia, to secure the geo-resource space that was the
original goal of the Iraqi invasion - to change the world balance of power
by military force. The Project for the New American Century was their
blueprint for world conquest. It would have carried U.S. forces deep into
places in Central Asia that most Americans had never heard of. The Americans
planned to plant the flag among happy natives trodding atop vast oil and gas
fields, and to effectively partition vast stretches of the planet from the
Russians, Chinese, Indians, Europeans and anybody else. That was the plan.
It failed, and they have no other plan.

So they go forward with the old plan, the only one they've got. Attack Iran.

In this demonic endeavor, the Bush men have many allies. Democrats like
Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and everybody else among the Democratic
candidates but Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel, act like Dracula when the
word Iran comes up. Nuke it! Bomb it! Invade it! Punish it!

By doing so, they give a clear sign to the Bush regime that it's alright to
launch another war. Indeed, the Republicans cannot possibly win the 2008
election unless there is another war - something the "American people" can
coalesce around. The Iraq war is lost. Let's start another one. Time for a
New American Century.

"Democrats give a clear sign to the Bush regime that it's alright to launch
another war."

In the corporate media, we hear the same nonsense that we were forced to
imbibe in 2003, at the time of the invasion. The same craziness that is
rooted in American Manifest Destiny, which maintains that the US is God's
gift to the world.
God's gift can do no wrong, by definition. America is a
good force on the Earth. If half a million people die, that's just
collateral damage. On to Tehran.

A larger war is looming. This one will be bigger than the current conflict,
and might ultimately consume us. The captains of capital - caught in
multiple contradictions of their own making - don't know what to do; they
are in a box, with no rational way out. The Great Offensive of 2003, of
which the conquest of Baghdad was to have been only phase one, was designed
to irrevocably alter the global chess board to establish permanent US
hegemony over the earth's most vital resources. China, India and Russia
would be reduced to supplicants, begging for entrée to the oil and gas
spigots. With the world's actual capital - energy resources - under U.S.
control, the artificially inflated dollar would be re-established as the
uncontested global currency - monopoly money for the monopoly capitalist
class that rules in Washington. No more threat from the euro.

"The Iraq invasion was a wakeup call to the world."

Iraqi nationalists stopped the juggernaut in its tracks, and have broken the
back of U.S. ground forces. The Iraq invasion was a wakeup call to the
world, a warning that the Americans were determined to enslave . . .
everybody. The warning has been duly noted in every world capital. The
elites of Indonesia, Malaysia, Latin America and Europe were shocked and
awed into an understanding that the U.S. was out to subjugate them. Since
2003, the Americans have been unwelcome at the table of business, excluded
from regional conferences and uninvited from development planning events.
Nobody wants the bully in the room. Not even the Europeans.

America has been redlined by the global community. Many American
corporations understand that, to their horror. Firms that must cultivate
goodwill to do business in foreign lands increasingly view the current
regime in Washington as an albatross around their necks, poisoning every
prospective deal and soiling the company name. But these companies are not
at the heart of the ruling cabal, which is centered on finance and
military-industrial capital. These non-productive sectors profit by
manipulating markets to create unfair advantage - while creating nothing.
They are parasites, retarding global development and standing like George
Wallace in the door to prevent solution of the manifold crises that pose
imminent threats to humanity.

Ultimately, the parasitic class can only maintain its rule by force.
Manufacturing nothing, creating no value except on paper, they must finally
call upon the Armed Forces to impose their unearned advantage on the planet.
Such was the logic of March, 2003. The Great Offensive failed, but the
contradictions that compelled the captains of finance capital to order their
political servants to wage war, remain - and are in fact more acute than
four years ago. They must wage war, again, to fight their way out of the

"We applaud Senator Barack Obama, a pure imperialist who wants to add
100,000 more troops to the Armed Forces."

And so it is on to Tehran, by sea and by air. It does not matter that the
attack may ignite an apocalypse; the ruling parasites cannot envision a
world in which they are not supreme, in any case. Why not get it over with?

African Americans have no stake in this coming war, but our misleadership
has failed to warn us of its imminence. Stuck in Jim Crow politics, we
applaud Senator Barack Obama, a pure imperialist who wants to add 100,000
more troops to the Armed Forces to bolster U.S. capability to shape the
world's economies to the advantage of his campaign contributors. Although
Black Americans are reflexively suspicious of U.S. motives in the world and
have opposed every military adventure since the media decided we were worth
polling, we are blind-sided by narrow interests of racial pride.

The crisis of capital is coming to a head. It will be very bloody, not
because the people of the world want it so - indeed, everyone wants to avoid
it - but because the imperatives of a parasitic class require it. They have
unfinished business, and war is their only answer.