PNAC: Rebuilding America's Defenses - A Biopsy on Imperialism; Part II: "Special Interests" - The Persian Gulf

By Sarah Meyer

If one compares the engineering of the crisis which led to the war of aggression against Iraq with the current engineering of crisis to justify aggression against Iran, one is not likely to identify differences. The lies and the language are the same. The path to peaceful resolution is deliberately replaced by the path to war of aggression. The motive is to manipulate public opinion and justify war of aggression against another Muslim nation. Ghali Hassan.

The American hypocrisy, presently focused mainly on Iran, is grounded in the US endorsement of the Iran Nuclear Program which was initiated during President Ford's administration, reports Ed Haas. Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfovitz held key positions at this time. Read this story here.

Terence Gatt, in November '05, wrote The Enduring Threat, A Brief History. "The American harsh stand reflects a longstanding mutual suspicion that has characterized relations between Washington and Tehran since the 1979 Iranian Revolution ...The controversial issue of Iranian ambitions for a civilian nuclear energy project ironically began with the assistance of the United States during the reign of Muhammad Reza Shah Pahlevi ... Iran purchased a research nuclear reactor from the United States that was put into operation in 1967."

In January '06, Paul Rogers wrote in Open Democracy: "The United States and its British ally are planning to modernise their nuclear-weapons arsenal while castigating Iran for its nuclear-power programme." More

Enver Masud said that Israel was not a signatory to the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty. "... it is no secret that (Israel) has been threatening strikes on Iran's Bushehr nuclear electric power plant - just as it launched an unprovoked and illegal attack on Iraq's Osirak nuclear electric power plant in 1981." AFP announced that Israel Will Not Allow Iran To Obtain WMDs. According to a Times article, Israel's special forces are trying to find Iran's secret enrichment sites. These forces are based inside Iraq, with the approval of Americans. In this same article is a discussion of NATO's possible involvement in a military strike against Iran.

On 24 January, Julian Borger wrote in the Guardian: "George Bush yesterday committed the US to the defence of Israel against threats from Iran, saying he would not allow the world to be 'blackmailed' by an Iranian nuclear weapon."

Bush said, "We're committed to the safety of Israel." So much so that the US is financing Israel's armament industry. Last year, the United States delivered 500 "bunker-busting" bombs to Israel. The conservative total for U.S. aid to Israel is $91b. The world owes Israel $23b, says YnetNews.15

M La Rosa noted: "At present, there is only one country in the Middle East with "secret" and ambiguous stockpiles of nuclear weapons" in an article entitled The Most Dangerous Double Standard in the Middle East.

An Arab News headline, Astounding Hypocrisy, followed with: "Coming as it did on the eve of his big set piece speech to the American people, the (Palestinian) election was a problem for President Bush. Here was a free and fair democratic election, a model of the political process that he has supposedly committed himself to promoting throughout the region, and it produced winners who were not what Washington would have liked or chosen." Mashal, the Hamas political leader, replied: "The decision of the United States and certain European states to freeze their aid to Palestine, has in a certain sense eased our struggle for statehood." He added: "support for Hamas and the new Palestinian government means contributing to chasing the Americans out of the Middle East." el-Hayat reports that Iran has promised Hamas $250m. "as compensation for the freezing of American aid to the Palestinians."

In January '06, the US tried to blackmail India: "The Americans have warned India that its nuclear deal signed during Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's last trip to Washington will die in Congress if it doesn't back the US on Iran." The US is said to now have a new nuclear agreement with India, which would enable New Delhi to "expand atomic weapons production."16 WorldWatch, in its report, 'China and India', says that renewable energy sources "would be more practical energy solutions." The report also says: "It's going to be tough to argue that Iran and North Korea should be denied nuclear technology while India--which has failed to even join the Non-Proliferation Treaty--is given the same technology on a silver platter."

The US has nothing against nuclear power. With a new plan called the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership announced with the Fiscal Year 2007 budget earlier this month, Bush said, "Under this partnership, America will work with nations that have advanced civilian nuclear energy programs, such as France, Japan, and Russia."

Nor has Bush criticized China. The commercial satellite photos from 2000 - 2004 provide a new look at China's nuclear forces and bases."

The worst hypocrisy of all was committed on February 23, when the US and the UK conducted a joint subcritical nuclear test at the US test site in Nevada.

On 4 March '06, Walter Pincus reported in the Washington Post: "The Bush administration is developing plans to design and deploy refurbished or replacement warheads for the nuclear stockpile, and by 2030 to modernize the production complex so that, if required, it could produce new generations of weapons with different or modified capabilities."