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2000 children have been abducted


In the aftermath of the Bam earthquake, according to government 500 children have been abducted. Unofficial figures are 2000 (Sharq Newspaper).


According to Mr. Chamani, head of the Islamic Social Welfare, only the office of the public prosecutor transfer the parenting responsibility of children to others. Furthermore, in an interview with Sharq newspaper, Nabyollah Eshghie, the chief executive of the family division of the Islamic government stated: “In some instances it has been noticed that children have been sold or been taken to hospital to have their kidneys removed after placement.”


Under the rule of the Islamic regime, children who have survived the devastating Bam earthquake have become victims of profiteering in Iran. These atrocities are not taking place in unknown locations; they are taking place in broad daylight and in the very hospitals under the Islamic regime’s control…  Furthermore, the Islamic authorities are using the anti-child Islamic policy to obstruct the investigation of people and voluntary organisations into this matter.


Children First holds the leaders of the Islamic Republic and in particular the offices of the social welfare and the Sepah-e-Pasdaran (Islamic guards) responsible for this human tragedy.  They must be held accountable.


Children First, and international campaign for children’s rights calls on all humanitarian, human rights, progressive and children foundations and organisations to take direct and independent actions to safeguard the welfare of these child victims of this massive human tragedy. The Islamic regime and its social welfare organisations must be forced to hand over a complete list of all the children with no guardians to international organisations.


Seavash Modarresi

Head of Children First - Iran

January 10, 2004


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