I4PJ in action (Dallas TX)

Kathy Kelly's Lecture
June 12, 2007.
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Bush Lie-Bury Rally
March 19, 2007.
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International Day of Protest against the War in Iraq
March 17, 2007.
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Peace Rally
Feb 19, 2007.
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Peace Rally
Jan 27, 2007.
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Thanking Eddie Bernice Johnson [Pic]
Peacemaker Awards Dinner
Nov 30, 2006.
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I4PJ interview with Iconoclast, the Crawford newspapper
Nov 7, 2006.
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Worst Administration Ever Rally
Nov 6, 2006.
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Iranian Americans To Decry US Saber Rattling in Crawford
Election Day Tue Nov 7, 2006.
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Alison Weir:
Statistical Analysis of Media Bias: Not Just a Matter of Opinion
Oct. 21 2006
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Antonia Juhasz:
The Iraq War's 'Oil Time-Line' Exposed
Sep. 25 2006
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Peace workshop
(For Persian speaking groups)
Sep. 09 2006
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